AI Tools for underground mining

From high speed 1GB optical networks with integrated environment sensor packages to microseismic detection fields we deliver AI-based tools for global mining operations. 

Underground Communications

Underground communications is the foundation of safety and productivity.

ALISON™ high speed adaptive learning optical networks overcome low bandwidth communications of WiFi systems and cabling constraints of fiber optics to provide data-rich uncabled networks in the underground mining environment.

Each underground ALISON™ network node integrates addressable sensor platforms which can gather data about ground control, ventilation and environment conditions on a near-realtime basis from any location in the underground mine.

In addition, we can collect, analyze and integrate data and information from sources such as:

  • Existing mine sensors and reporting systems
  • Production reporting systems
  • Human and Mechanical Asset tracking
  • ALISON high-speed optical sensing networks
  • Autonomous data collects by GPS-independent unmanned aerial vehicles.

Areas of Capability for Underground Mines

  • Ground control monitoring and microseismic prediction
  • Ventilation gas monitoring
  • 1GB full mesh optical networks for OpsComms and integrated sensor platforms
  • Realtime environmental analysis – gases and liquids
  • Systems failure prediction
  • Integration with existing ERP/MRP platforms such as SAP, Oracle and Azure.

The mine of tomorrow will bring a balance between the people and the hard asset capabilities necessary to get the job done all the while insuring a successful and safe mining environment.


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