Operational Risk Reduction - Surface

Compliance and Anomaly Detection

Surface mine lands present an ever-changing environment offering challenges for managing risk and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Without early detection, subtle changes in hydrology and ground control can become risk challenges to mine operators without notice.

New platforms and tools for gathering and analyzing data help increase understanding™ of the entire mine environment and offer opportunities to gain rich insights in the operations and offer guidance to engineering and executive staff.

Synfluent's AI+Metrics capabilities use ALISA AI engines and deep sensing fields to take information to a new level of understanding and meaning at your mine.

We can collect, analyze and integrate data and information from sources such as:

  • Existing mine sensors and reporting systems
  • Aerial Data Collects by fixed aerial vehicles
  • Production and stockpile inventory reporting systems
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Synfluent high-speed optical sensing networks - underground and surface

Areas of Capability for Mining

  • Ground control - surface or underground
  • Microseismic prediction
  • Risk and integrity analysis for impoundments and refuse facilities
  • Environmental analysis - gases and liquids - surface or underground
  • System failure prediction

The mine of tomorrow will balance its people and hard asset capabilities with the increasing flow of data and information which helps to insure a successful and safe mining environment.

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