AI Tools for surface mining

From high speed 1GB optical networks with integrated environment sensor packages to microseismic detection fields we deliver AI-based tools for global mining operations. 

Data and Information for the 21st Century Mine

Data available to mining operations grows in step with each improvement in sensor hardware and AI analysis software capabilities.


Integrating data from these diverse sources to create meaning and understanding about the mine environment will be the foundation for the successful mining operations that lead the way to the future.


Our surface mining services:

  • Digital documentation of the mine environment
  • AI detection of weeps and discharges from impoundments
  • AI ground control anomaly detection for highwalls and stockpiles
  • Systems failure prediction
  • Integration with existing ERP/MRP platforms such as SAP, Oracle and Azure.


Our data services:

  • Collating data from existing mine sensors, networks and reporting systems
  • Production reporting systems
  • Human and Mechanical Asset tracking
  • Synfluent ALISON high-speed optical sensing networks
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s)
  • Satellite imagery
  • Synfluent aquifer zone sensing stacks


The surface mine of tomorrow will embrace data and information as a tool for success alongside mechanical assets.

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