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Data availability from well pads is expanding and providing a platform for managing, analyzing and interpreting this information is challenging.

Synfluent Offers The Market-Ready Platform

Whether detecting gas phase components or detecting aqueous flows or seismic activity across the well pad prism, Synfluent technology can help manage this data and increase understanding through our proprietary AI analytics.

ALISON™ sensors collect data from above ground and below ground and report to Synfluent’s ALISA™ Adaptive AI engines for analysis using existing or installed ground-to-cloud LoRa network architectures in a near-realtime.

Aerial Flights Reliability?

Unlike weather-constrained, mission-based aerial data collects from UAV’s, ALISON™ data is collected 24X7 and ready for analysis in seconds from collection: regarldess of the weather.

Synfluent Integrates With Your Information Platform

ALISON™/ALISA™ easily integrates with major ERP/MRP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Azure and others. Contact us for further details.

  Seconds. Not hours.

Key Points

  • Data availability is expanding
  • Data is multi-dimensional
  • Data integration is critical
  • AI offers insights
  • Higher data availability than from aerial data collection
  • Analytical reporting is in seconds, not hours.
  • Integration with SAP, Oracle, Azure, AWS and more

ALISON™ is a low energy, low cost per-node gigabit-speed optical network hardware platform reporting to ALISA™ AI engines to deliver an Increased Understanding™ of our complex environments.

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