Mining requires a realtime understanding of the movement of water across the mining prism.

ALISON™ fixed position sensors can collect data from above ground, below ground and report to Synfluent analytical engines using ground-to-cloud LoRa network architectures in a near-realtime way. 

The Synfluent ALISON™ sensor platforms gather realtime data such as subsurface and surface aqueous data flows, seismic activity, the environment chemistry environment.

Data is collected 24X7 and is not dependent upon weather-constrained aerial overflights and slow downloads from data those data collects.

ALISON™ sensors are multi-capable and can provide both active video and environment data collection for dimensions such as temperature, humidity, EMF/RFI activity or thermal signatures.  

  Seconds. Not hours.

ALISON Alway On systems provide 24X7 coverage of T&D spaces and rights of way.

ALISON collects and analyzes data in any weather condition


data collection

Data collection from images and qualitative and quantitative environments provide a deep learning experience for asset managers.

lifi networks

data integration

Integration of all reporting data channels and arrays with leading MRP/ERP platforms such as SAP/AWS and Azure for an Increased Understanding of the total environment.

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