Learn how Synfluent technology can sense, analyze and provide compliance for well pads, impoundments and Areas of Responsibility for energy producers.

We use AI tools and machine learning to increase your understanding of your projects.

ALISON™ Always On™ network technology coupled with SENTRI™ Fixed Location sensing systems provide 24X7 coverage against encroachment and unauthorized operations along your ROW’s.

Deep sensing and solid AI analytics provide a new dimension of understanding water management across the mine’s full lifecycle.

minexpo 2020 International

Join us in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA  for the 2020 MINExpo International® exhibition to learn more about Synfluent’s AI-based tools for increasing productivity, safety and compliance in global mining.

20-23 September 2020.

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  • MINExpo Las Vegas, NV, Sept 2020

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Analysis of Aerial Data Collects
Risk Reduction from Aerial Surveys
Legacy Operations Compliance
Sensor Platforms
Autonomous UAV Operations