ALISON™ lightspeed fixed position optical sensors and cloud-based AI analytics are available 24X7 and provide near realtime assessment for legacy mining assets such as coal, PGM and minerals.

With our Z-axis sensor string technology qualitative and quantitative data collection offers a a new level of understanding for hydrologic flows such as AMD across legacy mining properties.

ALISON can perform in nearly any weather condition, at any time and provide analytics in seconds- not hours.

ALISON™ Always On™ systems provide 24X7 coverage of legacy mining assets and waste impoundments.

ALISON collects and analyzes data in any weather condition.


data collection

Data collection from images and qualitative and quantitative environments provide a deep learning experience for asset managers.

lifi networks

data integration

Integration of all reporting data channels and arrays with leading MRP/ERP platforms such as SAP/AWS and Azure for an Increased Understanding of the total environment.

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