Sentri™ Analytics

Synfluent technology integrates surface, aquifer and underground zones for an increased understanding of the mining environment.

Surface Analytics

Data collection from aerial or fixed sources model the surface dynamics.

Subsurface Analytics

Data collected from proprietary Synfluent vertical downhole sensing strings model hydraulic flows and provide quantitative analytics for flows in that prism of interest.

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Sentri™ Downhole Sensor Strings

The In-ground Prism

Sentri™ downhole sensor technology opens new vistas for 3D modeling of an environment in the subsurface prism.

Gathering multi-dimensional data from multi-level elevations in the area of interest opens new vistas for 3D modeling of aqueous flows using adaptive AI tools for prediction and response management.

Each Sentri™ string is a single point in a larger array of sensors communicating with the ground level data gateway which provides realtime delivery of data to the cloud-based analytical engines waiting to analyze and respond.

Ground to Cloud

Data needs to move from the source to processing and analysis to make meaning and increase understanding of the area of interest.

Data gathered from the Sentri™ sensing field is transmitted to the cloud via a proven, high-capacity Low Frequency Array (LoFAR) uplinks for subsequent processing.

Sentri™ strings can be deployed in asynchronous mode for data collection, analysis and reporting or in synchronous mode for analysis and response actions such as applying chemical treatment to specific locations for mitigation of environmental concerns.

Sentri™ strings can designed for hybrid data collection which would include features such as micro-seismic activity, barometric pressure, gaseous phase dimensions such as methane, oxygen and others.


Making meaning from gathered Sentri™ data offers value in immediate reporting, synchronous control systems for situation response and  gathered is the big deal.

Downhole Sentri™ Sensor Stack with LoFAR Transmitter Node

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