Capturing mine data at the speed of light opens new vistas for mining operations around the globe.

Enter our ALISON™ full mesh, uncabled optical network with integrated sensors designed to deliver high speed data throughput across underground and surface mines.

ALISON™ assesses ground control, microseismics, ventilation, air chemistry among many others in realtime. 

aLISON™ capabilities

Collecting and analyzing data from wide range sensor platforms - underground and surface - to insure safety, efficiency and compliance.


asset data collection

Collection and analysis of rapidly expanding machine-based sensor streams reporting.

lifi networks

data integration

Integration of all reporting data channels and arrays with leading MRP/ERP platforms such as SAP for an Increased Understanding of total environment.

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Beyond Digital Transformation in Mining, 1 Feb 2018, Sudbury, ON
GRASP Robotics Conference, 2-3 Feb 2018, Philadelphia, PA US
Canadian Mining Expo 2018, May 2018, Vancouver, BC
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Risk Reduction from Aerial Surveys
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