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Press Release: AXIM™ Underground Demonstration

Savi™: Synfluent Adaptive Vehicle Intelligence for Underground Mining

Synfluent leverages upon it's extensible underground communications network technology to introduce Savi™ for remote operations of mining vehicles in underground and surface mining environments.

Savi™ uses Adaptive Artificial Intelligence to provide safe, environment-aware operations of vehicles and devices in constantly changing scenarios. More here..

Synfluent Introduces it's Future-capable Fiber Optic Network for Underground Mining: XCI

Meet the Cross-functional Intelligent Communications network, XCI, which integrates the Synfluent Sentri systems for remote sensing along with adaptive artificial intelligence capabilites for net management and signal processing. Link here: XCI hn

Quantum Entanglement and Risk in Complex Failure Systems - new
Click here to view on Slideshare.

Adaptive Artificial Intelligence for Underground Coal Mining - new
Click here to download the clickable pdf technical paper about Sentri Solutions for monitoring underground mining systems. CK130202A (clickable pdf)





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