Minewide Sensing

Remote sensing fields provide deep data about the mining environment.

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Survey & Analysis.

Combine Surface, UAV and SATDATA to manage the mining environment.

Lightspeed Networks

ALISON™ optical LiFi networks gather underground minewide data - fast.

lifi networks

AI Prediction.

Analyze seismic activity in mines to predict ground control events.


AI-driven Data Analytics for Mines

Whether from satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles or fixed sensor fields, AI+Metrics™ provides the AI-based analytical powerhouse engines to make meaning and Increase Understanding™ from all these data sources.

AI+Metrics provides deep learning from your data and offers realworld solutions to your complex problems.

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Managing Active & Legacy Mining Assets

Mining operations, surface or underground, are complex assets which require solid data collection and meaningful analysis across the full mine lifecycle to insure profitable operations and responsible environmental stewardship.

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Lightspeed Optical Networks

ALISON™ optical networks move data at near 1GB/s speeds connecting and integrating sensor fields, UAV's and other IoT data collecting devices into an exciting fabric of increased understanding of complex problem domains.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) contribute rapid, task-based data collection from surface and underground mining operations. Integration of UAV data with conventional aerial, sensor fields and satellite imagery offers an unparalleled understanding of those assets..

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